About the company

Private Production Unitary Enterprise «АНТАРЕС-С» manufactures furniture since 1992.

We manufacture solid wood furniture for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, libraries, in a country style, rustic and Provence styles.
The collection lineup is quite wide: cabinets, racks, coffee tables, cupboards, tables, chairs, console and more. Only natural materials are used for the manufacture of furniture: wood, waxes, oils, acrylic paints and varnishes.

Appropriately aged materials make every item unique. All collections are made manually, so aged finishing furniture surfaces are always different, which makes things  unique.
Handcrafted in all details and materials, traditional methods of woodworking and furniture assembly create collections that can never become old-fashioned and always remain relevant.
Such furniture is aging with dignity, integrating into the house atmosphere and character,acquiring noble patina over the years.
Our furniture will add warmth and comfort to any interior.

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