Additional services

PPUE "Antares-C" provides services for lumber drying of all types of wood. Drying is carried out in a convection drying chambers of the Italian production «INCOPLAN».

Available: two drying chamberы with a volume of 50 m3 and one - 60 m3. The cameras are designed for drying of all thicknesses (from 5 to 200 mm), and all types of wood, growing not only in our country, taking into account their initial moisture content.
Average final moisture content of wood, depending on its further destination, can range from 6 to 20%.
If you have any questions about  lumbe drying service please contact: +375(29)6-72-20-41 – Igor Grigorevich
Also PPUE "Antares-C" leases a warehouse with an area of 500 sq.m. and an office - 30 sq.m. with heating. The inner quarters with two ramps located at:  Dorushskaya street, 12, Gomel.
For all hire enquiries contact.: +375(29)6-72-20-41 – Igor Grigorevich

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