There are 11 brands

  • Coeur

    Collection “Ker” in country style is the ideal solution for your bedroom or living room. The furniture is simple, light and is garnished with nice hearts. Traditional decoration is made using wax but you also can choose any color and fittings you like mentioned in “color and fittings” section.

  • Country

    Country – naive simplicity, but with its own zest. Furniture of the country style is the embodiment of village spirit which is a mixture of delicacy, usability and naturalness. This furniture is solid and slightly rough, perfect for country houses and summer cottages. It will make your home cozy and warm, you will relax in its pacification and quietness.

    Furniture of Country collection is waxen and you can make and order in any of colors mentioned in “color and fittings” section. 

  • Кухонная колекция Antik

    Kitchen furniture “Antik” is perfect for country houses. It will bring more color and individuality to home routine. The furniture is made from solid pine block with traditional fronts. All the drawers are on wooden rails. Color and fittings you can choose according to your taste. 

  • Монт

    Furniture is made from solid pine block. “Mont” Collection is made in contemporary design. This collection distinguishes itself by straight and laconic lines. But this austerity is diluted with peculiar carving. “Mont” furniture is waxen. You may change the covering according to your taste in “color and fittings” section.

  • Техас

    Коллекция «ТЕХАС» в так называемом городском стиле. Шкафы, столы, тумбы коллекции имеют чёткие, «мужественные» архитектурные пропорции, пропитанные духом индустриальной эстетики.

  • Флёр

    Fleur Collection is distinct in its tenderness and grace. This furniture is perfect for children’s room or bedroom. Collection is made from solid pine block and masterfully painted with flowers. The furniture is covered only with water or wax based colorants and is garnished with ageing effect.

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